Project Description


Mustang Extreme Environmental Services offers a variety of secondary containment solutions to meet the specific requirements of any job. You can rest assured with extreme confidence knowing your containment needs are secure.

Environmental Containment Services

Mustang Extreme Environmental Services serves our customers through forward-looking environmental containment services. Our crews have installed over one billion square feet of geosynthetic material and constructed steel wall secondary containment in regions across the US.

Our experienced engineering team works directly with our customers to evaluate and design each job providing our customers with custom configurations for their secondary containment needs. Our operational teams ensure the highest environmental and safety standards, industry-leading expertise, and exceptional quality control.

Mustang Extreme’s extensive experience and quality service result in a job that is done on time, within scope and on budget.

Steel Wall Secondary Containment

All of the secondary steel wall containment systems at Mustang Extreme Environmental Services serve as precautionary containment measures in the event of fluid spillage and are placed in or above ground. Our systems are quality controlled and quality assured to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards.

These structures come in a variety of shapes and dimensions, which provide options for a wide array of project needs. Each system is calculated and designed to match the required containment capacity. Mustang Extreme Environmental Services ensures we will obtain and safely install the proper fit of a secondary steel wall containment system for your project.

G-115 Galvanized Steel Wall Panels

Key Benefits

  • Professional Installation

  • Top quality materials (high grade G-115 galvanized steel)

  • Low maintenance

  • OSHA approved crossovers

Product Specs

  • Wall Heights: 25″, 27″, 33″, 36″, 45″, 57″

  • Corrugated and flat styles

  • Gauges: 10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 24

  • Post Options: Above ground or in-ground

Available Configurations

For both above ground and in-ground systems

  • Circle

  • Oval

  • Square

  • Rectangle

Shieldwall Containment Barriers

Our Shieldwall Containment Barriers offer fast, flexible, and durable containment. Each Shieldwall is designed to exceed standard strength requirements and undergoes a four phase rotational molding process. This process ensures that each and every unit is built to withstand the most rigorous of conditions. Built with flexibility in mind, Shieldwalls are light and compact for transport and can be quickly weighted with either water or sand. The interlocking design of the barriers allow for varying configurations and fast setup. Ultimately, Shieldwall Containment Barriers provide unmatched quality and dependability. When paired with our skilled installers, they offer excellent secondary containment assurance.

  • ShieldWall available in various heights to meet your project requirements
  • ShieldWall can assembled in a wide array of sizes and configurations
  • Multiple liner options available


TUFFBASE™ is the most durable and easiest product for elevating your tank with built in placement guides, ergonomic grab handles and forklift-able. It is professionally engineered to extend the life of every tank and installs in under 1 minute. Multiple sizes available.

Key Benefits:
  • 2-year Warranty
  • All TuffBases are backed by a 10-year creep study done by an outside engineering firm with a ~20% factor of safety. All have passed under the simulated tests. These studies cost tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Flat Bottom Tanks Only
  • All TuffBases are 3” wider than the standard API tank, leaving ~1.5 inches on either side.
  • All TuffBases have multiple flat spots for manways
  • All TuffBases are 5” tall
  • Need to be set on level and packed surfaces
  • Have been selling thousands of TuffBases for over 3 years with no reported failures
  • Top Features: Wind Resistant, Durable (nothing to tear or damage), center placement hole, forkliftable
  • No part of the standard TuffBase weighs over 100 lbs. so they are easily handled by roustabouts

Polymer Coated Foam Tank Pads

In the past, preparing a site for above ground storage tank placement included pea gravel installation. While this method appeared more cost effective, over time the gravel was inevitably exposed to leaks and spills. Do away with costly remediation by using polymer coated foam tank pads’ environmentally friendly Interlocking tank pads. Installed on minimally prepared ground, they not only ease site preparation and reduce setup costs, but their surface is easily cleaned.

Polymer Coated Foam Tank Pads are the smart choice to minimize concerns for yourself and our environmentally aware society.

Product Quality and Benefits:
  • Consistently manufactured to ASTM specifications, then subjected to rigorous testing
  • Long-term installations prove strength and durability
  • Patented radius edge design ensures thicker coating on otherwise vulnerable edges
  • Easily cleaned
  • Eliminates ground contact
  • Polymer coating quickly sheds water
  • Polystyrene or Polyurethane core options available to meet your project needs
  • Quickly installed and adjusted by a two-man team
  • No strapping required; interlocking parts maintain bond
  • All parts are universal
  • Insulating
  • Non-conductive; Non-corrosive
  • Rot and mold resistant
  • Manufactured to fit any tank size
  • Truckload quantities

Drive Over Systems

Drive over berms are extremely durable and can be completely customized to the customer’s desired size and specifications. Primarily used for on-location preventative containment; the berms usually come in a lighter textured material and are used under acid tanks, trucks and equipment. These drive over walls are available in both a foam and hard plastic material dependent on your needs for the product.

Pre-Fab Liners

Pre-fab liners are 100% customized to meet your needs. Depending on the size, we can usually pre-fab the liner in our shop. We offer delivery and installation if desired, or you can pick it up directly from us. While they are great for oil and gas applications, they can also be a great answer for agricultural needs as well.






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