Project Description


Environmental containment is what we do best. Our experienced and certified installers have the ability to meet every client demand regardless of industry or application.

Commercial and Industrial Applications

Mustang Extreme is one of the most experienced and capable environmental lining installation contractors in the business. We excel in upstream and midstream oil and natural gas, coal combustion residue and municipal solid waste landfills, and a multitude of industrial and service facilities containment. We install flexible liner in nearly every project making it our largest and most popular service.

environmental and mining applications

Environmental and Mining Applications

Applications include:

  • Heap Leach Pads
  • Tailings Dams
  • Waste Water Treatment Ponds
  • Solid Waste Landfill Cells
  • Solid Waste Landfill Caps
  • Coal Ash Containment
  • Temporary Caps and Covers

Our engineering and estimating teams evaluate each job independently, working directly with clients to provide accurate quotes and unmatched technical support. Our operational teams ensure the highest environmental and safety standards, as well as industry-leading expertise, and our quality control teams utilize proprietary testing technology to verify the integrity of each installation. Mustang Extreme’s innovative processes and exceptional service result in a job that is done on time, within scope and on budget.

Recreational Applications

Mustang Extreme is one of the most experienced and capable environmental lining installation contractors in the business. We have installed billions of sqft of liner over the years and excel in all types of environmental lining applications including recreational and business applications. We offer a wide array of factory tested and certified liners to meet specific client needs. These include lining for private needs such as swimming, boating, wildlife management, livestock, fishing, fish farming, decorative ponds and more. We can line ponds of any shape, any size, anywhere.

Extreme Fun: We Protect Your Recreational Investment

Water is the most critical and precious resource on your property. Our highly trained, certified, and experienced installers and welding technicians understand this, and ensure all field seaming is performed right the first time. Additionally, seams are pressure tested to ensure leak-free performance and total client satisfaction. Synthetic liners ensure containment performance, are designed for rapid installation, are leak-free, and can be easily repaired/expanded if ever necessary. Also, for those wanting to maintain a natural appearance, liners can be covered with native sand/soils or geology to promote a truly natural-look.

Let us show you why so many turn to us for all their recreational environmental lining needs.

  • Swimming ponds
  • Fishing ponds
  • Boating ponds
  • Wildlife management ponds
  • Livestock ponds
  • Duck ponds
  • Decorative ponds
  • Fish farming ponds
  • and more!
flowback ponds

Flowback Ponds

These projects require a more complex installation process and are typically composed of multiple layers of liner. Mustang Extreme has an expansive resume for these projects and has completed them across the industry for numerous customers. Our experience, personnel and different knowledge allows us to be of the most versatile and highly trained installers in the marketplace. We have successfully installed projects engineered and designed in a multitude of configurations. If you have questions or concerns on what type of system best fits your needs, our operations department and in house engineer would appreciate the opportunity to discuss.

Freshwater Ponds

Mustang Extreme offers a wide variety of single layer lining options to meet your lining needs. We primarily install black, white and grey liners, but being a custom geosynthetics company, we can install whatever the customer requests. Our liner is also available in several consistencies including smooth, reinforced and textured materials. We can help ensure the protection of your liner by installing a sub layer of geotextile. The necessity of this is dependent on the condition of the pond. Safety Add Ons can also be bundled with your services as needed.

Available Safety Add-On Options Include:
  • Rub Sheets: A thick textured material that can be placed anywhere in the pond to serve as both a safe exit point as well as protection from pipes and other equipment used to pump fluids in and out. Rub Sheets typically range from 40-120 mil in thickness.
  • Depth Gauge Numbers: Contrasting colored numbers extruded onto the pond wall to mark water depth.
  • Escape Ladders: A functional ladder placed in the corner of the pond to be used as a safe exit point.
  • Safety Life Rings: Life preservers placed on a post to be used as a flotation device in the event of an accident.
  • Signage: Safety signage around the pond and on the fence.

Landfill Services

Landfill Services

Mustang Extreme’s teams of geosynthetic liner installers have extensive experience across all sectors of environmental projects. Our crews are staffed with hard working team members that focus on safety and quality while meeting the scheduled completion requirements for our vast customer base. Whether it is solid waste, mining, or energy our staff has the experience to serve your project needs.

Materials Installed:
  • HDPE
  • TURF
  • GCL

Coal Ash Containment

Coal Combustion Byproduct (CCB) commonly known as coal ash is the leftover waste product when coal is burned to produce electricity. Containment of coal ash is vital for the preservation of groundwater and soil. Mustang Extreme Environmental Services’ teams of experienced geosynthetic liner installers put safety first and are accustomed to working in industrial environments. From turf to synthetic liners our crews have the skills to provide quality and efficiency for any coal ash project.

coal ash containment

coal ash containment

coal ash containment

coal ash containment


  • Type of application – potable water containment?
  • U.V. exposure – exposed or buried application?
  • Contaminates – chemical resistance
  • Project size
  • Flexibility requirement – elongation and tensile strength
  • Tear and puncture resistance
  • Project duration


Freshwater impoundments Wastewater impoundments Flow-back and produced water impoundments Moisture barriers Golf course and decorative pond liners
Soil remediation pads Interim landfill caps Frac and oil pit containment Paved and unpaved roadways Sub-grade protection
Barriers, blankets and curtains Coal ash containment Coal seam gas liners Hydroelectric reservoirs and dams Shale gas liners
Fish pond liners Channels Floating covers Modular tank liners Remediation liners
Remediation covers Erosion control covers Disposal pit liners Water containment ponds Waste lagoon liners
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