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Mustang Extreme offers disinfecting services to eliminate viruses for city, county, first responder, and industrial sites by using Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), utilizing our mobile treatment trailers to bring on site.

Our Team has over 50 years of biocide experience and has treated over 1.25 billion gallons to kill bacteria in the oilfield. We are the largest installer of Produced Water Management Systems in the US outside of Municipal Water.

PBSE ChemE, MSE NucE, PhD Chemist

  • EBOLA outbreak in Africa 2014 – set up 5 camps for military- water systems
  • Afghanistan/Iraq- water, wastewater, ice production for military- 43 bases Iraq, and 34 bases in Afghanistan

  • Managed Team of 500 Responsible for Remote Water Treatment Systems in Middle East and Africa

  • Baylor Medical Center – Houston

  • University of Texas Health Science Center – Houston

  • University of Texas – Austin


Mustang Extreme’s System

Our Aria 5 unit is capable of creating Chlorine Dioxide through each of the two completely independent and redundant Chlorine Dioxide generation system. Through a slip stream injection, our Aria 5 allows for high concentration at the point of production, then is diluted into the stream for efficient injection. Our ClO2 system is kept under continuous vacuum to increase safety and control of the chemical reaction.

  • Aria 5 unit has full redundancy

  • Aria 5 can pump up to 200 bpm flow rate

  • Aria 5 unit is equipped with control panels with automatic injection of ClO2

Using ClO2 ensures that 100% of surfaces are decontaminated: of Chlorine Dioxide

  • Approved by EPA, FDA and USDA

  • Fast 6-log kill (99.9999%) to disinfect

  • Kills viruses, spores, mold, bacteria, fungi and odors

  • Destroys microbe DNA – viruses and bacteria cannot build-up a resistance over time

  • Less corrosive than other treatment methods

  • Used since the 1920’s and currently used with crops, livestock, food processing, water treatment and building / equipment sanitization

Mustang Extreme Environmental Provides:

  • ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) mobile generator with Automated Safety Systems, Secondary Containment, Light Tower-Generator
  • Dilution and Real-time Measurement Systems to Confirm Biocide Concentration
  • Daytime Staffing (7am – 7pm) on Location with Experienced Staff
  • Initial Storage for Properly Diluted Biocide for Use by County/City Staff

Backpack or “Tow” Spray Units

  • Fill-up from Storage Tank
  • Drive to Area-of-Need
  • Direct Spray-on Use
  • Parking Lot Spray Area / Truck Wash / Disinfectant Mats

Location Requirements

  • Parking or Dirt Lot
  • Water Access
  • 3-Phase Power (or Mobile Generator)
  • Lighting (or Mobile Light Tower)
  • Porta-Can

Treatment Protocols Used for ClO2 on COVID-19 Globally

PPE for Healthcare Worker at Airports

  • Medical staff working at airports should wear work clothes, disposable work caps, disposable gloves, protective clothing, medical protective masks or facial masks of higher protective levels, protective face screens or goggles, work shoes or rubber boots, and waterproof shoe covers when carrying out emergency response or transferring confirmed, suspected, or ill passengers.
  • When dealing with or transferring normal passengers in emergency, it is suggested that one should wear disposable caps, surgical masks, and work clothes, and wear disposable rubber gloves when exposed to body fluids or blood.

Daily Preventative Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Preventative cleaning and disinfection of public places in airports should be conducted on a daily basis. Conspicuous signs that show the daily disinfection should be put up, and the records of staff performing the disinfection tasks should be kept.
  • Air disinfection: use natural ventilation where conditions allow; air conditioning ventilation should be enhanced, and exhaust fans should be cleaned and disinfected once every month. 250 to 500mg/L chlorine disinfectant or 250mg/L chlorine dioxide spray could be applied for reaction no less than 30 minutes, and hydrogen peroxide spray with ultra-low concentration could be used in key areas. Ventilation is needed when disinfection is completed.
  • Surface disinfection: crowded places and high-touch surfaces (such as self check-in or check-in counters, document verification counters, buttons in elevators, and handrails) should be the focuses. 250 to 500mg/L chlorine disinfectant or 250mg/L chlorine dioxide spray could be used together when wiping.

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